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From the street cart

From the street cart

Masala vadai (V) (GF) (VF) - Falafel like famous Madras street snack, Red cabbage coleslaw.4.95
Sambar vadai (V) (GF) (VF) - Lentil donuts simmered in one pot lentil & vegetable broth. 5.35
Stuffed Kozhukattai (V) (VF)- Dim sum’s filled with garden vegetables. Smoke chilli & shallots. Poor man’s dip. 5.95
Cauliflower Bezule (V) (GF) – Very spicy Manglorian cauliflower. Okra yoghurt dip.5.95
Spiced Sundal (V) (GF) (VF) - Slow cooked chick peas, chilli, green mango, coconut & lime served chilled.2.95
Porucha Vendaka (V) (GF) (VF)- Crispy okra stuffed with nuts, lentils and spicy hummus. 5.75 
Chilli Paneer (V) - Indian cottage cheese tossed with red chilli sauce, spring onion. 6.95 
Nethili Varuvval (GF)-Crispy Indian Ocean White Anchovies, Spicy Coating.6.95
Karuveppilai Eral (GF) - Lentil and curry crusted king prawns, curry mayo.6.75 
Chicken 65 (GF) – Famous fiery bar snacks in Chennai.6.55 
Chilli chicken -Chicken cubes famous Indo-Chinese sauce.6.45
Beef Sukka (GF) - Slow roasted beef, crushed pearl onion and coconut.6.95 
Madras Masala Mussels (GF) – Mussel meat, chilli spice coating, sand roasted peanuts.6.95 
Tamarind wings (GF) Crispy wings, tamarind & palm sugar glace.5.45
Sautéed prawns (GF) – King prawns, whole red chilli, crushed shallots & coconuts.6.75 
Peppers squid (GF) -Flash fried mixed whole baby squids, peppers, chilli, garlic & spring onions.6.75 

From Dosa Griddle

Most famous Indian street food served with coconut pesto and one pot vegetable & lentil broth
Plain Dosa (V) (VF) (GF) - Crispy Savoury pan cake 5.95
Masala Dosa (V) (GF) (VF) - Filled with crushed new potato and cashew nuts.7.50
Spinach and Red Kidney Beans Dosa (V) (GF) (VF).7.95
Chicken Thoran Dosa (GF)- Hand minced chicken, Travancore spices & garden peas.8.25
Beef Dosa (GF)-Pulled beef, button onions & Malabar spice.8.95 

From the Pot 

Kaikari mandi with Oothappam (V) (GF) (VF) -Garden vegetables cooked with coconut milk. Veg topped rice crumpet.12.95 
Alleppey Fish curry with steamed Rice (GF)- Sea bass poached in mild spiced coconut broth, steamed rice.13.95 
Milagu Kozhi with Kal Dosa (GF) - Black pepper chicken & thick rice pan cake.12.95 
Kari Kulambu Poratha - Slow cooked lamb scented with smoked garlic& mint ,flaky keralan poratha.13.25 

Sweet Finisher

Golden Plantain (V) (VF) (GF) - Poached plantain with palm sugar glace and vanilla ice cream.5.45 
Amma’s Mess (V) (GF)- Rasamalai topped with cardamom cream, pomegranate seeds & nuts.6.55 
Trio Dessert (V) -Mini gulab jamun, carrot halwa and semiya payasam.6.35
Three scoops of Ice cream (V) (GF) - Vanilla, Strawberry & Cream, Raspberry Ripple and Triple Chocolate.3.95


KING FISHER LAGER 4.8% crisp, clean and refreshing. PINT 4.65/HALF PINT 2.70                               
Bottle Beers (330ml) Kingfisher/Peroni 3.35                                                                                                                        


125ml / 250ml / 750ml
SERENO, PINOT GRIGIO ITALY Light citrus aromas juicy fruits and just a hint of vanilla on the palate. 3.25/5.25/13.95
CENTRAL MONTE CHARDONNY CHILE aromas of citrus fruit and peach that transfer to a apple and honey.3.25/5.25/13.95
INKOSI, CHENIN BLANC SOUTH AFRICA Off-dry, bursting with citrus & pineapple aromas, clean finish.3.25/5.25/13.95 
CENTRAL, MONTE MERLOT CHILE A beautiful bouquet of black cherries and red summer fruits. Soft tannins on the palate make a smooth and balanced wine.3.25/5.25/13.95
 INKOSI SHIRAZ SOUTH AFRICA Dark aromas of plum and smoky black pepper giving way to a fruit palate 3.25/5.25/13.95
FAUSTINO RIVERO JOVEN RIOJA SPAIN A bright wine with red berry aromas underscored by notes of liquorice 16.95
  SERINO PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH ROSE ITALY Light fresh strawberry flavors and very easy drinking 3.25/5.25/13.95
  INKOSI, PINOTAGE ROSE SOUTH AFRICA An abundance of juicy summer fruits very Moorish.3.25/5.25/13.95
PROSECCO SERENELLO EXTRA DRY ITALY The delicious aromas of apple and pear melt into a smooth and fresh wine on the palate. 19.95
PROSECCO CUVEE 1821 ZONIN ITLAY Very well-balanced and appealing, with the extremely delicate almond note that is typical of Prosecco.22.95
CUVEE1821 SPARKLING ROSE ITALY A lightly-coloured sparkling rose with a fine and seductively delicate mousse. On the palate it is soft and smooth with floral notes and a hint of almond. 22.95


Tea /Coffee/Cappuccino/Latte/Espresso(Single) 1.95